Failure. Who Cares?

Two days ago, I published my first video on Youtube. It currently, as of Feb. 17 2017, has 2 views (and I honestly think one of those is mine). So, I think that we can chalk this video up as a failure. Who cares? Not me.

I had fun making it, and I actually completed the video. Throughout my life, I have failed at many things (and I’m only 22 years old). A few years back, I started asking myself “what did you learn at least?” Believe it or not, this made the failures somehow less important when put into the overall perspective of learning.

So. What did I learn? Glad you asked.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro is extensive and more complicated than I had originally thought. There are too many effects that I don’t even know what to do with. Video editing is arguably my least favorite part of the video-making process.
  2. I need to set up the camera at a better angle during interviews. Melissa looked like she was talking to the ceiling the entire time during the video.
  3. Audio is very important. Unfortunately, I chose the loudest locations for shooting footage. The audio at the gym was unavoidable, but the audio in my living room was definitely my fault. I should have either turned off the furnace in the closet, or recorded the footage in my room.
  4. You can’t just wing a story line. I filmed myself before the interview with Melissa, which made it hard to actually form a coherent overall train of thought for the video. Next video’s personal commentary will be shot after the interview.
  5. My video concept was half baked at best. Overall, I need to plan better.
  6. I am STILL shy about shooting video. I don’t honestly know when that is going to subside or go away…
  7. I need to research and study other filmmakers. Go to the library and find some books. Ask for help from friends.

This is not an exhaustive list. Everything listed above is just the broad strokes of what I learned.

Here is my first video…Don’t Follow Your Dreams. Chase Them.


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