My First Video. Again.

I bought a video camera. A Cannon Vixia HF R700, to be exact. Why? To start an adventure. To pursue a dream. To make videos. To connect with people.

Some background information on this dream of mine…

My first video was made when I was roughly 10 years old. My Mom and sister dragged me along to a beauty pageant that my sister was competing in. This was a nightmare for a young boy who had zero interest in watching one of America’s darkest traditions (child beauty pageants). Thankfully, my Mom had bought a video camera a few months before and was excited when I offered to record that weekend’s happenings. I filmed. So. Much. When I got back home, I used the footage to compile a movie on Windows Movie Maker.

Sadly, I hated the final product. I most likely threw it in the virtual recycling bin. Either way, that video is lost forever. At ten years old, I tossed away my dream at making videos.

Flash forward 12 years. Here stands a man with a video camera. A man who took his dream out of the virtual recycling bin.

My videos are going to be horrible. They will most likely make me cringe. I won’t toss them out though. I will post them to Youtube for the world to see. Learning happens through steps, failures, blunders and an unyielding persistence. LET’S GO!


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