Overhead Camera Rig

Sometimes, making certain videos requires specific gear and equipment. My latest video series idea needs a way to take steady video and images from above. To accomplish this, I will need to make an overhead camera rig.

My budget? Well, I wanted to spend less than $200 on the entire thing. That includes lighting, materials, and a backdrop.

Progress so far? I have made the frame. I bought two 8′ poplar boards (7$ each), one 6′ poplar board ($6), a container of drywall screws ($3), and four supporting brackets ($1 each). So, I’m in the hole $29.

It isn’t done yet, but I am happy with the overall progress of the rig.

What I still need to make/buy

  1. Crafting paper for the backdrop
    1. A PVC/copper pipe to attach the roll to the structure.
  2. Four hanging diffused light structures
    1. Four paper china balls from a party store
    2. Four LED 100 watt bulbs
    3. Four standard light sockets
    4. Some plastic cord clips
    5. One surge protector
    6. wood/plastic glue
  3. A way to attach the camera to the rig
    1. Easy release camera plate and attachment (already purchased from Amazon for $11)
    2. One 8′ poplar board (to be cut into sections)
    3. A screw to attach the camera plate

When the overhead camera rig is complete, I aim to post a video of it.


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